Dreams Coming Full Circle

If you know me even as an acquaintance you know that I love my camp. T Bar M has been a part of my life since 7th grade and it has altered the trajectory of my life forever. I grew up going there as a camper, then went on to be a coach, followed by serving on the leadership team. I then got to a spend a year in their discipleship program after I graduated college. I have served in many different roles across the retreat and camp sides of T Bar M and know it will be a part of my life forever. The people that I have gotten know and be known by have made me who I am.

Two summers ago I had a dream of leading women in some type of creative outlet and getting to use that space to encourage their creativity given to them by our Creator. That dream sounded scary and too big but I have an incredible team of people that have rallied behind me and supported that dream. They have shouted “yes you can” over my fears and doubts. Spoken truth into who I am and who the Lord has created me to be. And this weekend they helped me lead craft time at T Bar M's Mother Daughter retreat. This was made possible by one of the incredible women on my team. She listened to me explain my dream for my business and rallied behind me to help make that dream a reality. She believed in me and supported something I couldn't ever imagine doing. I stood in front of 200 moms and daughters and spoke about my passions. I was able to do this because of a year I spent on that property leading large groups in various types of activities. I then got to lead those moms and daughters in creating clay beads on a porch that I have had many impactful conversations on. I had the support of a few dear friends that have spoken so much truth into my life and that didn't hesitate to rally behind me that day.

I left property that day in shock of all that the Lord blessed me with in a few short hours. This dream of getting to lead women has felt overwhelming and impossible this past year and I had no idea how it would look or how to pursue it. But that's thing about God sized dreams: we aren't the ones that are going to fulfill them. By myself I could have never made this happen but with God and the people He has given me and the way He has grown me, I was able to use my passion for His glory in a place that I love. 

There was a moment towards the end of the day when one of my friends commented on the fact that we were baking all these clay beads in the house I had spent endless hours crafting in for a year. I was overwhelmed by the way the Lord had brought this whole thing full circle. That year taught me so much about letting go of what I thought I was 'supposed' to do with my life and began teaching me to abide and just "come and see". Never in a million years would I have said that I would be 25 and self employed making earrings, but when the Lord has a plan, it's nearly impossible to avoid. I have no idea what He has planned for me or this business but I am going to choose to show up and expect to see Him work in huge ways just like He did this weekend. I desire for Beauty for Ashes to be so much more than the things I create and the Lord is proving that He has immeasurably more planned.

I also just want to say an endless amount of thank yous to not only those that helped me but to the moms that encouraged me, the daughters that told me my earrings were cute, and to everyone that let me pursue this dream this weekend.