Hello friend!
Thank you so much for visiting my store. It is because of you and your support that I am able to follow this dream of mine.
I'm Taylor and I'm the founder and sole creator of Beauty for Ashes. For as long as I can remember I have loved creating and doing every craft I could get my hands on. In high school it was friendship bracelets, in college it was watercolor and calligraphy, and now post-college, it's earrings. Every time I learn of a new craft, my mind goes crazy trying to figuring out how I can buy all the things to start creating immediately. In the past few years, the Lord has been teaching me to invite Him into my creative spaces. He delights to be with me and to speak to me within the creative process. He has taught me that creativity is a part of our very nature because we were created in the image of the Perfect Creator. I am passionate about other people discovering their own creativity and abiding with the Lord in new ways. My prayer for this business is that the things I create would allow me a platform to encourage others to find and explore their creative sides, and that that process would lead to a new way of engaging with our Father.
For a more in depth explanation of the purpose and dream for this business, read my blog linked below.